Into the Limelight

Being the center of attention is not always comfortable.  It is not easy to handle criticism or scrutiny, whether it is true or not.  Attention can be unpleasant when it is a negative response to a positive action, such as, revealing something about oneself or admitting to having made a mistake.  Too much attention, even positive attention, can, at times, feel overwhelming or undeserved.  During these times, it can be hard to remember that no one is infallible.  It can be easy to forget that one cannot control how others may react or what others may say.  It can be difficult to understand or recall why one may be getting the attention.  These negative experiences can taint how one perceives being in the limelight.  Too much attention, whether positive or negative, can make one thirsty for solitude.

Solitude and solace are not one in the same.  One may be able to find solace in solitude, but such solace can come at a high cost.  Seclusion can be a seductive mistress, but, ultimately, an empty companion.

There are good reasons to not run away from the limelight.  The limelight can be an opportunity for growth, for improvement.  The limelight can often enlighten one about oneself.  The limelight’s focus can sometimes bring clarity to a hazy situation or a circumstance one was hesitant to acknowledge.  The limelight can sometimes be an enjoyable experience.  It can be fun to bask under the light.  It is okay to enjoy one’s shining moment.

It may not always be easy to avoid the limelight, but one does not always have to avoid the limelight because the limelight will always seek a new target.  Guaranteed.  The limelight for all of its intensity is usually transitory.

I am typically not comfortable in the limelight, whether positive or negative.  I have to remind myself to say “Thank You” when receiving a compliment.  I am still learning how to handle negative opinions.  I would rather try to be brave than have others feel sorry for me.  I would much rather risk failure and learn from it than not try.  I am still working on being brave.  And, I do not always know when to stay or when to walk away.  But, I am still learning.  I try the best I can to handle being uncomfortable in the limelight.  I am still learning how to be uncomfortable because life is not always comfortable and, sometimes, the most uncomfortable moments in life can be pleasantly rewarding.


Fear Tactics

Fear can sometimes have a disproportionate hold on our lives because fear is alone without us.

Fear as a companion provides protection and adventure.  Fear often warns us of dangerous situations, in essence, becoming our consummate guardian.  Thrill-seeking fear gladly tags along on any adrenaline pumping activity.  Fear is typically the first one to pat us on the back for surviving some unpleasant or potentially dangerous moment in our lives.  Fear chimes in with thoughts of guaranteed future success, “You can handle anything now. You’ll be ready next time.” Continue reading “Fear Tactics”