Building Castles in the Sky: Part 1 – A Space Where I Can Write

I write wherever I find a pen and paper. I feel the most comfortable writing with just pen and paper. I find myself doing more self-editing when I write on my laptop because the medium makes the words look more like a finished product. Writing with pen and paper makes my writing feel like a work in progress and more like a draft. Writing by hand I am less concerned with formatting and word count.

I own many bound journals and notebooks of various sizes. I try to carry a writing journal with me at all times so that I can write at a moment’s notice. If I get an idea or figure out how to finally finish that scene, I want to be able to write it down before I forget.  I also like the versatility of just being able to write anywhere whether I have some time to write or because a certain location sparks my creativity.

I write best in a quiet place with movement, for example, sitting outside, listening to the leaves rustle as trees sway under a slight breeze. I get tired and distracted when I try to write in a still place.  My thoughts wander if the environment is too quiet. I start to lose focus in overly quiet and still places.

I like being surrounded by other writers and books while I write. When I write, I can feel like I am building castles in the sky whose design, structure and beauty are only visible to me. Having books around me while I write fills me with the hope that one day what I write may also be appreciated by another.

I created Rinconez as a space where I can write about, explore, and share common life experiences and struggles, the good and the bad. As a writer, I also write about the experience of writing, the struggles and challenges. Rinconez may also feature flash fiction or poetry about happy places or contemplative ones or dark periods. I believe sharing our life experience is how we build community, how we learn that we are not alone in the world. I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact me via my Contact Page here about a topic you would like to see on Rinconez.

Come join me on this journey,


Building Castles in the Sky, Part 1 and Part2,
are posts prompted through Blogging University's 
Writing 101 four-week, write-every-day challenge.

5 thoughts on “Building Castles in the Sky: Part 1 – A Space Where I Can Write

  1. Great article. I prefer to write with pen in a notebook, ambient noise doesn’t put me off, but I do wish there was an easy way of getting my scribbles uploaded without having to type it all up! Kind Regards, E

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  2. This post is incredible! Thank you very much for writing something so inspiring. I’m definitely a pen and paper person. It makes me feel much better when I write… As if every single word is prefect and doesn’t need to be changed or edited! 🙂 Kind regards x

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