Happy Holidays!

Peace, Hope and Love!

During a time when hope, love and understanding may feel as if in short supply due to a contentious political climate, I pray we pause and reflect on the year, come to terms with out own misgivings  and welcome the new year with an open mind and renewed optimism.

After much reflection as to how to best use this space, I decided to dedicate this site in support of  Latina teens [who] have the highest suicide attempts in the US, especially now, during a time when Latina teens may feel the most unwelcome, caught between their journey into adulthood and a myriad of opinions around immigration. Their world should not feel as if falling apart during a time when their possibilities and opportunities are ahead of them and only beginning. The glass ceiling for Latina teens should not be set at adolescence.

For those who have enjoyed reading posts at Rinconez, I thank you for following and for your enthusiasm and feedback. I have enjoyed sharing, growing as a writer and the fellowship of the Word Press blogging and writing community. Your passion, creativity and talent have been an inspiration to me.

Best wishes for the New Year,