Lose the Sparkle

The quest for joy has done nothing, but cause me grief. I am at my most miserable when I desperately try to hold on to things that bring me joy. When my treasured possessions get broken, damaged or lost, I get upset, brood for a while, then become obsessed with trying to replace them.  It is a vicious cycle. Yet, a new book on home organization advices us to surround ourselves with joy evoking possessions.

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How Many Friends Does a Person Need?

Google announced on Feb 1, 2016, it reached 1 billion Monthly Active Users (MAUs).  Immediately, I thought of Facebook. Sorry, Google, I mean no disregard to Gmail. I am an avid Gmail user. I even have multiple accounts. When I thought about the sheer number of e-mails 1 billion users may generate, I instantly thought about friends. Facebook simply has the vernacular cornered on the use of the term friends. So, I ran a Google search to find out how many MAUs Facebook reports. Facebook reported it has 1.59 billion MAUs on January 27, 2016. I could not help but wonder, “How many friends does a person really need?”

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