The Number 1 Casualty of Uncertainty

The potential loss of a job, the sudden change in health of a loved one, a troubled close relationship or any similar unwanted or unpleasant event looming over us often causes angst. We may feel we are headed into an Inevitable train wreck at full speed, with no certainty as to what could be around the corner.  We may fear the worse of all possible outcomes.

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The Ripple Effect of Stress

Your dripping faucet sounds louder than a set of timpani drums. You wake up exhausted on account of the overnight low pressure weather system. You are late for work because it took you much longer to get dressed this morning. You get to work only to wish you were back home due to having to sit all day in front of your computer. You should have taken a sick day or personal day at work. You just want to go home and crawl into bed and under your bedcovers. You are in pain.

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