Tempering the Storm Within

The pain and stress and anger and sadness and loneliness and frustration and fear and cravings and irritations that we will experience today … they are made up. We can let them go as easily as they arise. They are unnecessary, if we realize that we’ve created them for no good reason.


Instead, see the beauty in every moment. In every person’s so human actions. In our own frailties and failures.

 – Leo Babauta

Coffee Break

Next time you take a coffee break and mull over all of those New Year’s resolutions, be sure to give yourself a break.  It is easy to make grand plans.  Do not be hard on yourself for not starting off the year as the new ideal you.  It may take you a bit to get into a new rhythm, whether it is to follow your new, perfect daily sleep schedule or that healthier diet and exercise plan.  A coffee break is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy your own company not just the company of others.

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