How Many Friends Does a Person Need?

Google announced on Feb 1, 2016, it reached 1 billion Monthly Active Users (MAUs).  Immediately, I thought of Facebook. Sorry, Google, I mean no disregard to Gmail. I am an avid Gmail user. I even have multiple accounts. When I thought about the sheer number of e-mails 1 billion users may generate, I instantly thought about friends. Facebook simply has the vernacular cornered on the use of the term friends. So, I ran a Google search to find out how many MAUs Facebook reports. Facebook reported it has 1.59 billion MAUs on January 27, 2016. I could not help but wonder, “How many friends does a person really need?”

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Baggage Claim

Have you ever experienced NOT finding your luggage at Baggage Claim? Anger and anxiety set it. You ask yourself, “NOW what?!” or “Why me? or “Why now?”. You had plans. You knew exactly what and how things were supposed to happen. This was not one of the things that was supposed to happen.

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